Summer fitness trends

Summer fitness trends
The last 18 months have seen a huge shift in the way we exercise, with different restrictions seeing gyms close in some places and introducing distancing measures in others. You may be missing the gym, and as we have had to adjust over the last 18 months, some of these adjustments look like they might stick around for a while longer. But there are alternatives – try some of these great tips to keep up your intense, effective workouts at home and outdoors, even without the gym!
  1. Exercising at home has been one of the key trends we have seen, and fitness experts think this shift will continue. If you are new to the gym, exercising virtually can help to break down the barriers and fears that some people have about exercising in front of others. You can go all out and get a professional-style home gym installed, or if you don’t have the space (or the money) you can do some great workouts with a set of dumbbells, a yoga mat and an exercise band. At Supps R Us, we have some great exercise routines that don’t require an extensive amount of equipment, so check them out. The other major benefit of exercising at home is that you can do it at a time that works best for you, and you don’t have to factor in travel time to get there!
  1. Group HIIT classes online. Small group HIIT fitness classes have been rising in popularity both in-person and online. The ease of doing workouts from home combined with the abundance of great trainers offering incredible daily workouts across the world has seen this trend continue to rise. A lot of gyms are also offering the same HIIT classes, with the same trainers (with the same people) through live zoom style classes, so the rapport and the accountability built with a small training group can continue even from home.
  1. Outdoor training sessions. Personal training, HIIT classes and boot camps in parks will see a big boom again this summer with many gyms still closed in different areas and varying restrictions in place. We are pretty lucky in Australia that whichever state you are in, you are probably blessed with great weather to get out, exercise and get an added dose of Vitamin D with your workout!
  1. Open water swimming. With many pools closed why not take to the open water? If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, a lake or any other body of open water take the plunge and reap the benefits of open water swimming. With no pool walls or lanes, you can swim in your own space and at your own pace. It is also a great challenge knowing you have no floor to stand up on or side to hang onto. The cold water is also good for you and can help increase your energy levels!
  1. Take a hike. Many people are taking to the great outdoors to keep fit and take in all that nature has to offer. Hiking or trail running offer an amazing cardio workout that builds strength in various muscles, enhances balance and mood, strengthens the core and gives a full body workout engaging various muscles including quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs, lower back and hip flexors. Depending on the duration and trail grade, hiking can burn a significant number of kilojoules. As an added bonus, studies have found hiking can lead to greater improvements in mood and feelings of calmness – something we could all do with!
Whichever fitness routine you go for this summer, make sure you choose the right fuel to power you through. Whether you are looking for lean gains, building up muscle or reducing fat, choose a protein that is right for you. We have a huge selection at Supps R Us. Here are a few that we recommend Dymatize - ISO 100, Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard 100% Whey, Muscle Pharm - COMBAT 100% WHEY, and GHOST - WHEY. Or if you’re looking for a bit of extra bulk, try these great mass gainers Max's - Clean Mass. Optimum Nutrition - GOLD STANDARD GAINER, PranaOn - Natural Mass Protein, and Cellucor - COR PERFORMANCE GAINER. They all come in a range of great flavours!

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