Calves - Standing Calf Raises

Calves - Standing Calf Raises
Standing calf raises are a convenient and easy way to get a little tone into your calves during a spare moment, or a big gym session. Main muscle targeted with Standing Calf Raises Exercise


  • Isolation Exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Calves

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With feet slightly narrower than shoulder width apart, stand with your head forward and back straight. Slowly raise up on your toes and bring your heels off the ground. Your calves should be flexed and your glutes clenched. Lower yourself back down until your heels touch the ground again.

Why it’s good:

Standing calf raises can be done anywhere, waiting in line, on a bus, at the bar… anywhere you find yourself standing up, you can do a calf raise without looking too out of place.

What to watch out for:

Try to have your feet a little distance apart so you don’t overbalance.

Snapshot: Standing Calf Raises

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