Glutes - One Legged Cable Kick

Glutes - One Legged Cable Kick
A one legged cable kick gets your glutes firing and stretches you as you do it, meaning that you get the benefits of both types of workout. Main muscle & Helper muscles targeted with One Legged Cable Kick


  • Compound Exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Glutes
  • Helper muscles – Hamstrings

Male | Female


Attach an ankle cuff to the cable and set the machine to the appropriate weight. With the cuff around your ankle, face the machine and move back until the cable has a slight amount of tension. Place your other foot besides the one attached to the cable and brace yourself against the machine if necessary. With your knees and hips slightly bent, slowly contract your glutes to swing your leg backwards. Try to get as high as possible without letting your knee straighten, or your hips turning. Hold for a moment at the top extension. Bring the leg forward slowly. You should still be resisting the tension of the cable, and your knee slightly bent, returning to the starting position. Switch legs and repeat the movement for the other side.

Why it’s good:

This exercise stretches the groin and quad as it works the glutes, meaning it can help some muscles recover a little as it works others.

What to watch out for:

Keep your knee bent. If it straightens out, you need to take some weight off the stack. If your knee straightens out, it can put a lot of pressure behind it, and you can get injured.

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