Lower Back - Pelvic Bridge

Lower Back - Pelvic Bridge
While odd looking, the pelvic bridge is an exercise that can really stretch out your lower back, and work your core at the same time. Muscles targeted with pelvic bridge exercise


  • Isolation exercise
  • Muscle targeted – Biceps
  • Can be done with an EZ-bar or straight bar.

Male | Female


Lay back on the mat with your heels flat on the floor, directly under your knees. Breathe out as you lift your pelvis towards the ceiling. You should stretch through your lower back until only your shoulders and heels are on the ground. Hold the position at the top of the movement, keep your core flexed and your stomach tight. Breathe out as you lower your hips towards the ground. Stop just before they touch and begin your next rep.

Why it’s good:

This is a good exercise for people who want to strengthen their core without the risk of injury that comes with higher impact lower back exercises.

What to watch out for:

Try to avoid jerky movements, your movement should be smooth and controlled, not abrupt and violent. Besides potentially tweaking a muscle, it just looks… wrong…

Snapshot: pelvic bridge exercise

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