Traps-Pull Up (Behind the Neck)

Traps-Pull Up (Behind the Neck)
The behind the neck pull up really targets your lats and shoulders, if you’re after that big “V” shaped upper body, you should be doing these. shutterstock_157271999 [Converted].eps


      • Compound exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Latissimus Dorsi (middle outer back)
      • Helper muscles – biceps

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The same as a chin up, grab the bar wider than your shoulders. Let yourself hang there (no jumping!) Pull yourself up, and have the bar touch the base of your neck, with your head in front of the bar, looking forward..

Why it’s good:

Because you need to control the motion the whole way, it really gives you a workout, and builds width in your chest and back.

What to watch out for:

Avoid touching the floor, and always lower yourself until your arms are straight.


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