Triceps - Bench Dips Technique

Triceps - Bench Dips Technique
Bench dips are important to mix into your program, because they exercise a large portion of your torso, and can be adjusted to your fitness level. Main muscle targeted – Triceps and Helper muscles targeted – Deltoids


    • Compound exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Triceps
  • Helper muscles – Deltoids

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Place two benches slightly more than a leg length apart (For the easier variation, you can have one bench with your feet on the floor, for the harder variation, you can add weights). Sit on a bench with your hands by your sides, palms in contact with the bench and fingers gripping the edge. If you’re adding weight, have the plate sitting on your lap. Place your heels on the opposite bench (or on the floor in the easier version) With straight legs, lower your body. Your elbows should stay in line with your shoulders and form a 90 degree angle when viewed from the side. Raise back to the starting position.

Why it’s good:

Dips exercise the triceps and upper body without the need for other equipment. You can do them anywhere there is a seat.

What to watch out for:

Keep your heels on the opposite bench. If they slip off and you land on your coccyx, it can be very painful.

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