Triceps - Overhead cable extension

Triceps - Overhead cable extension
If you want an easy way to tighten up those lower arms and triceps, the overhead cable curl is a great exercise. Main muscle targeted – Triceps - Helper muscles – Deltoids, pectorals


  • Compound exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Triceps
  • Helper muscles – Deltoids, pectorals

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With the rope attachment on the cable, stand facing away from the machine. Take up a comfortable stance with one foot a little ahead of the other, but your hips square to the direction you’re facing. Make sure the cable has tension, then take up a position so that the weight is just off the pile, with your hands resting just on your crown. Try to keep your upper arms as still as possible as you straighten them out ahead of you. Make sure your back is straight and your head is facing forward throughout the motion. Your hands can move apart as you extend. Bring your hands together as you return them to a spot just above your brow.

Why it’s good:

This exercise tightens the triceps, but also keeps your core activated by making you brace against the weight, kind of like a plank position.

What to watch out for:

Keep your back straight. You don’t want to arch or curl your back, or else there will be extra strain on it that could lead to injury.

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