Better fast food

Better fast food
Generally, food can be convenient, cheap or healthy, but you can only pick two. While most fast food chains have been making an effort to move towards healthier options, and away from paper-wrapped heart attack swith a dash of carbohydrates, they are still usually pretty low on the list of healthy eating choices. So what can we do to eat healthily if we’re short on time? Follow these simple tips so that you can eat conveniently without eating poorly:

1) Bring your own snacks

Fast food exists because of its convenience. You’re only need a few coins for a meal. If you can plan ahead though, you can hold off that hungry moment until you’re able to get a better meal later. A small bag of carrot sticks, a piece of fruit or a handful of raw nuts can be all you need to keep walking past that den of deep-fried meat-like products and keep going until dinner time.

2) Fresh is best

If you’re at a deli and they’ve got sandwiches that look like they’ve been in the display fridge since Nokia phones were popular, then they’re probably not going to be good for you (and might also taste like you're eating a furry wallet). Try to go for the places that make the food fresh, right in front of you if possible. Pick the ingredients you want and you can be in control of your meal. Although vegetable green supplements are great, still, nothing beats out fresh, real vegetables.

3) Go for the local produce

Supermarkets usually get food from all over the world, because they're after the cheapest option. That means you might be eating garlic from mexico, carrots from Vietnam and rice from China. All these things are shipped long distances, so they could have been snap frozen, chemically treated or stored in less than ideal conditions, all the while they lose some of their nutritional value. In pretty much every case, you're better off going for fresh, local produce. Feel free to ask where they buy their produce. Some sandwich bars or cafes purchase from local markets, direct from the farmer. Pick these ones as the best healthy alternative to making your own meal. Better fast food

4) Keep the portions manageable

You do NOT want fries with that, especially if you are watching your carb intake. Yes, most fast food places offer a lot more food for a little more money, but it’s your brain that wants it, because it sees a bargain, not your stomach because it wants that much food. Only buy as much as you feel like eating and never force yourself to finish a meal.

5) Choose water

Water as your drink will be better than anything else they offer at a fast food place. Drink water and you’ll avoid the preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners that might be in the other bottled drinks. Have a cup of tea if the mood suits, but stay away from the soft drink when possible!


Keep in mind that fast food is generally a fairly unhealthy choice, there are other options if you are conscious about your intake with regards to your general health. But if you follow these basic guidelines, you can make it as healthy as possible, but try to bring your own next time, OK? Read More:

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