Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet
The Blood Type Diet is based on the idea that different blood types react differently with the various blood types. There is some basis for different blood types reacting to a specific type of protein called "Lectins", that are involved with how your body absorbs sugars.  Eating the right types of Lectins may help optimise your body's ability to process these sugars, and keep everything running smoothly, while the wrong ones can make you feel tired and worn down. Keep in mind that this diet is still fairly new, and hasn't had rigorous testing, so feel free to give it a try, but keep en eye on how you feel.


As a type O, you're part of the most common blood type, with Os making up almost half the population. Red meat is your protein of choice, so feel free to indulge in these foods: Beef Lamb Mutton Veal Don't forget that while this is your ideal protein, it can come with lots of animal fats, so go for the lean cuts of meat where possible.


The second most common blood type, A's benefit from vegetarian and organic foods, so vegetable greens will be your best bet here. White fish is a great option for protein too, so consider these: Cod Mackeral Salmon Sardines Red meat isn't ideal for type A's, so avoid it if you want to follow this diet. blood Type Diet


Type B's tend to be pretty robust and have a strong immune system, and can have the widest variety of foods. Wild-caught meat is a great option for B's, both for meat and fish, but avoid grain fed farmed meat. Rabbit Grouper Haddock Sea trout Besides these, anything caught in the wild is ideal. Duck, Venison, Salmon and anything not farmed. It's also usually lower in fat, but try to get the lean cuts where possible.


This is the rarest blood type, with less than 3% of Australians having it. Your protein needs are fairly specialised, with red fish and dairy the protein of choice, such as: Tuna Red Snapper Eggs Cottage Cheese Fresh is always best for the AB diet, so make sure you hit the market often. Frozen fish is better than nothing, but it's less nutritious, and a LOT less tasty than the fresh variety.


The blood type diet is a great way to control what you eat with only a small change to your meal planning. While the effectiveness isn't as widely accepted as many other diets, being particular about what you eat can really help you pay attention to the amount of junk you eat, and cutting down on that is never a bad option! Read More:

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