Five Ways to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Weight Loss
Weight loss takes time and considered effort, but there are some simple ways that you can support your weight loss journey so you reach your goal sooner and with fewer hurdles. We gathered our top five tips to help you speed up your weight loss journey!

Eat enough and eat regularly

Say what? Eat? Absolutely! Consistent weight loss comes from eating enough wholesome foods to keep you fuelled without feeling like you’re missing out. Each meal should have a balanced proportion of protein, fats and carbohydrates, so if you’re missing out on any of these the chances are that you will feel cranky and hungry shortly after eating. One of the simplest ways to support this is make your main meals out of simple, delicious ingredients, and snack between meals on supportive foods such as protein shakes and bars.  

Eat the frog first

If working out is your biggest challenge try shifting it to the first thing you do in the morning – aka eating the frog. Successful weight loss comes from consistently “checking the boxes” on your prescribed activities and nutrition. If you can do what you dislike the most first thing in the morning, you spend the rest of your day knowing you accomplished a huge goal and still have a free evening!  

Schedule ‘me’ time

Weight loss can be stressful and consuming, so it’s important that you regularly put aside some quality downtime to relax. This can be as simple as taking a day off your routine to do a Netflix binge, or as extravagant as a massage and pampering session. Plan your downtime ahead of schedule and work towards those mini rewards to keep you focused.  

Make exercise fun

There really is an exercise for every body – so don’t be disheartened if pounding the pavement or throwing weights around the gym floor aren’t for you. Take a squiz at your local pool, yoga studio, spin room, group fitness club or even walking group to see if there’s an exercise that feels more like fun than effort.  

Arm yourself with health snacks

Fail to plan = Plan to fail. We all know what it’s like to get caught on the hop without a healthy snack in sight. Before you know it, you’ve inhaled 400 calories of chocolate and are rummaging through the biscuit tin for more. You can avoid these massive setbacks by preparing some portion controlled snacks (hello handfuls of almonds), or by keeping a discreet pack of protein snack bars or drinks on-hand so you can munch on something yummy without the guilt.   You don’t need to feel like you’re missing out while you are on your weight loss journey. Every time you finish a workout or eat your prepared meal, you are making massive steps toward your dream goal. You can also check out our collection of weight loss supplements which will assist you to reach your goal.   Read Also:

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