Special diets

Special diets
Dietary restrictions can be a challenge to healthy lifestyles. After all, whey is probably the most popular protein supplement, and it’s off limits for vegans. Keto dieters may have trouble with whey too – they prefer their dairy in fatty formulations like cheese and yoghurt because milk has enough carbs in it to interfere with ketosis. As for cross-fitters, they’re mostly concerned with caloric intake, so they want high-energy low-sugar supplements. Is it possible to find work-out aids that fit all these specifications? Well, 1UP has keto-friendly and vegan-facing products. Here at Supps R Us, we stock both.

No animal products

The vegan lifestyle isn’t restricted to what’s on your plate. They can’t wear anything animal-related, whether it’s a silk scarf or leather thongs. They can’t use any beauty products tested on animals. And they certainly can’t eat animal protein (no eggs, dairy, meat etc.) 1Up Natural Vegan BCAA + Glutamine meets work-out needs without compromising their lifestyle, beliefs, or philosophy. It’s good for growing lean muscle, post-workout recovery, enhanced endurance, improved performance, synthesising protein, and developing strength. The product ratio of this BCAA is 2:1:1 and it’s all instantised for immediate absorption. All its ingredients are non-GMO, including stevia extract, citric acid, and lecithin from sunflowers. The L-Glutamine in this product is fermented, naturally coloured using beetroot, and infused with peach and guava flavours. It’s advisable to take two servings in a day, and you can take them before and/or during your exercise session.


If you talk to a ‘regular’ person, they’ll tell you the keto diet is impossibly restrictive. But if you speak to the converted, they’ll show you just how wide their options are. After all, they can eat any form of fat, meat, or fibrous vegetables, from cheese to chutney, alligator to alfalfa. What they have to be wary of are carbs. 1Up’s Keto L-Carnitine 3500 fits the bill. Ordinarily, we get energy from carbs and sugars that our body converts to glucose. The idea behind keto is to force your body to burn stored fats by cutting out carbs as an energy source. L-Carnitine helps with fat oxidation, thermogenesis, and endurance. You can work out longer, burn fat faster, and lose weight more effectively. The supplement contains ketone body salts to hasten ketosis. For both these products, Supps R Us offers an easy instalment plan. Break your bill into four instalments of less than $10. We won’t charge interest, and if you call us early enough, we can dispatch your order on the same day. Plus, every purchase of 1Up products earns you a free gift! For fantastic deals on weight loss supplements (and same-day dispatch on orders before 3.00 p.m.), call Supps R U today on 1300 252 355. Read Also:

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