Burn fat, build protein, get freebies!

Burn fat, build protein, get freebies!
There are several components to building your desired shape, and they’re all mostly connected to fat. You need to lower the percentage of fat on your body. You need to speed up your metabolism so that you process food faster and avoid storing it as fat. Or you need to eat right to prevent further fat accumulation. Everyone has some fat on their bodies, even those of us who exercise faithfully. Those last pockets are the hardest to get rid of, the fat deposits that hide around our bellies, bottoms, hips, chins, and underarms. They need extreme measures to disperse, and even though we are often sold spot-reduction gimmicks, the only way to burn them off is with healthy diets and full body workouts. Supplements can be an effective part of a balanced diet, but you have to buy the right ones and use them responsibly. Ideally, you want supplements that are high in protein and promote fat burning.  Syntha 6 Edge and Hypershred  from BSN are an ideal combination, and here at Supps R Us, we’re currently offering them as a combo inclusive of a free swag! If you grab one of our Syntha + Hypershred packs, you get a free branded t-shirt or meal bag. BSN meal bags are both practical and beautiful, having dedicated storage compartments for two ice packs, two drink slots, and four meal containers. Now let’s look at the products themselves. Syntha 6 Edge is a mixed concentrate + isolate matrix of milk proteins and whey that delivers 24g protein and 153 calories per scoop. It comes in 6 flavours. With Syntha 6 Edge, you can maximise your protein intake while keeping your taste buds happy. There are other variants of Syntha 6. The regular variant has added amino acids and digestive enzymes to help your body absorb it. As for Syntha 6 isolate, it also has milk and whey, but both are solely in isolate form. On the other hand, BSN Hypershred is a fat-burning formula ideal for a pre-training boost. It contains tyrosine, carnitine, caffeine, longana, and green tea extract. It combines the best of ancient techniques (like euphoria longana) and modern fat-burning technology. A scoop has 250mg of caffeine, which is the same as 3 cans of red bull, so stick to one serving a day. It’s advisable to mix one scoop in cold water and drink it 15 to 30 minutes before you work out. You can use it at any time though, to boost your health and fitness regime. In addition to optimised fat targeting, it offers instant energy, elevates your mood, and sharpens your focus, helping you get maximum results from your workout. When you buy your supplements from Supps R Us, you can save money as you get in shape. Earn points on every purchase that you can later redeem for discounts and goodies. Plus, if you order any supplement combo for $150 or more, you get free delivery and a free shake! Get in touch now to build your body and save that money! For top quality supplements at discounted prices, call Supps R Us today on 1300 252 355. Read More:  

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