How to Boost Your Immunity With Supplements

How to Boost Your Immunity With Supplements
Your immune system is the system in your body that prevents you from getting sick and helps you to recover from illness. You know how some people never seem to get sick? Or recover from a cold in, like, a day? And then there are others who need weeks off work at a time or seem to always have the sniffles or ongoing infections? It’s the health and strength of your immune system that makes the difference. Person 1 has a healthy, functioning immune system and person 2 has a poorly working or depleted immune system. Immune system support supplements can help to boost your natural immunity, getting you on track to being person 1.

What’s in immune system support supplements and how do they help?

While eating healthily and working out contribute to a well-running immune system, supplements can also help to give you a booster. This is especially important if you are training hard. Training hard will deplete your natural stores.

?      Vitamin C

A mainstay in immunity, Vitamin C seeks to enhance your natural system’s functioning. Vitamin C is especially useful in guarding against colds and flus.

?      Zinc

Zinc helps for faster healing of cuts and abrasions, and helps to promote cell growth throughout the body. It also supports immune system support.

?      Selenium

Selenium may help to protect the body against various known pathogens and diseases. Working together with glutathione, proper levels of selenium are critical for your body’s level of antioxidant protection against heart disease, cancer and other chronic conditions.

?      Copper

Healthy copper levels help the body produce T cells, which are a central character in providing immunity for the body. Copper also helps with skeletal development.

?      Bioflavonoids

Plant extracts that can give relief for allergy sufferers, bioflavonoids also help to improve your circulation. Other vitamins and minerals handy in boosting our immune systems include vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E and folic acid. Plant supplements that aid the immune system include cranberry and garlic.

Choosing an immune system support supplement

You might like to first take a trip to your doctor to check your blood levels to see if you have any deficiencies before starting a course of immunity supplements. You may need to also avoid certain supplements if your levels of particular indicators are elevated. This way you can check what your base levels are before you start supplementing your immune system. Many people choose to go with an all in one supplement such as a multivitamin combination, which can have up to hundreds of ingredients in the one package. This way you know that you are getting everything that you could possibly need all in the one hit. If you do go down this route, checking how many milligrams of each ingredient is in the mix can be a helpful exercise to see if you’re getting the right amount of each. You may also try immunity support products that contain just the one ingredient, or a few. These are particularly good for people who are just wanting to add particular elements to their supplement regime. It’s also better for those people who are sensitive to certain different ingredients. Adding an immune system support supplement (or two) is a great way to boost your immunity and should be an essential element of your day for those of us out there who train hard. Read More:  

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