Making the case for casein protein

Making the case for casein protein
Protein supplements are vital ingredients for anybody that wants to get serious about adding lean muscle to their frame. Having a diet full of nuts, meat and other high-protein food lays a strong foundation for growth. But supplements help make sure your body has extra stores of the important muscle-builder when it needs it. Protein can be broken up into two main categories. Whey protein is a substance that gets protein into your bloodstream quickly. It is great for taking just before or just after workouts. But there’s another type of protein that can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Casein/slow release protein can also be a valuable tool when it comes to helping your body in its quest for muscle. It works slowly This sounds like a disadvantage, but in reality this is what makes casein protein such a valuable tool in the arsenal of the workout warrior. Casein protein is released into your body slowly, which makes it bad for taking just before working out. However, it is perfect for taking just before you head to bed for the night. The slow release means your body will keep benefitting from the protein while you sleep, keeping you productive and restoring your muscles. Casein protein is high in calcium, which is good for a variety of reasons, one of which, potentially surprisingly, is that it actually helps you lose weight when combined with protein. Since casein gives you doses of both substances, it can help ensure the muscle you put on is lean and not fatty weight buildup. It’s pure Like  whey protein, casein protein offers a pure version of important protein that doesn’t have to come with other additives, calories or other substances. Getting protein from food is an important part of maintaining an optimal diet. But getting a pure dose from supplements can be the best way for you to aid your muscles in growth and regeneration. Don’t limit your protein intake to just before you hit the gym. Consider picking up some casein protein, such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein, to help your body work overtime. That way you can progress toward your goals at all times of day and night. Read Also:

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