Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Nitric Oxide works as a vasodilator in your body. That means it relaxes the soft muscles around your blood vessels to let more blood through. More blood means more nutrients and more bad stuff taken away, plus you’re able to get bigger muscle pumps to really celebrate your work!

What are Nitric Oxide boosters?

Nitric oxide boosters are designed to increase your levels of nitric oxide in your system. They can have a whole bunch of different ingredients, but they’re all designed to encourage your body to produce more Nitric Oxide.

Why would I want it?

If you’ve ever exercised so hard that you’ve gotten “the pump” you’d know how awesome it can be. After work-out It feels like your muscles are bursting out of your skin and you’re just a lycra bodysuit away from being a superhero. Nitric oxide boosters help this to happen, as well as boost your recovery time and energy levels. It just helps you lift yourself to the next level!

How do they work?

By encouraging your body to make more Nitric Oxide, the boosters will open up your blood vessels and arteries, letting more blood flow to and from your muscles. This means that your muscles get more energy and nutrients, as well as removing the waste products that can build up as you work out. When this happens, you’ll feel more energetic, recover quicker and be able to push yourself that little bit further.

When should I take them?

NO2 Boosters are usually taken as part of a pre-workout, so you should take them around 30 minutes before exercise. Unlike caffeine based pre-workouts, NO2 Boosters are Caffeine Free pre-workouts so you can take them closer to sleep time, as they won’t keep you awake. Who wants to sleep when they’re feeling this awesome though!

Who is it best for?

If you find yourself not quite getting the intensity you want from your exercise, an NO2 booster can be a great idea. Because it increases blood flow, you’ll also get more blood into your most important organ! No, not that one, I meant your brain! Getting that firing means you’ll be more likely to go and exercise, rather than just tune out and watch endless reruns of “The Simpsons”. So if you find yourself struggling to get motivated to work out, but don’t want a caffeine hit that will keep you up later, have a look at a NO2 booster.

What are the side effects?

There are many different NO2 boosters, all with their own possible side effects. None of them are terribly dangerous, but as always you should pay close attention to the directions on the label. Follow it exactly, and remember that more of a good thing isn’t a good idea. Because it increases blood flow, if you have heart issues, low blood pressure or recent surgery, you shouldn’t take them at all. If you have asthma, be careful with it and consult your Doctor first before starting to use it. If you find yourself feeling dizzy, nauseous or feeling faint, stop immediately and speak to a healthcare professional.

Is it safe for women too?

NO2 boosters are fine for women, as long as they’re not pregnant or nursing. Because women have a little more skin fat than men, they won’t get the same road map of veins that men do, but it’s still a great feeling to get a pump and see those veins pop when you’ve really pushed yourself to the limit!


Getting your Nitric Oxide levels up will have you focused, eager and psyched to exercise without the unpredictable boost of some other, more intense pre-workout supplements. If you’re looking for that extra kick that will have you really enjoying your exercise, Nitric Oxide boosters could be the best option for you. Read More:

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