Top Supplements to Take this Summer for Maximum Gains

Top Supplements to Take this Summer for Maximum Gains
Summer is just around the corner. That means your workouts, whether running, hiking, biking, or even walking, will likely feel much harder due to the heat. It is especially crucial at this time to ensure that you're filling nutritional gaps in your diet with top-quality supplementation for optimal results in muscle strength and size. Below are the top supplements you can use to add more muscle to your physique ahead of summer.  

Whey Protein

The best foundation for consistent muscle gains is a quality protein supplement. The effectiveness and affordability make whey protein the ideal protein supplement. If you are looking to build a stronger, leaner, and bigger physique this summer, consider investing in a whey protein supplement. After a training session is an optimal time to take whey protein, it floods the bloodstream with essential amino acids that are quickly delivered to the muscles to initiate recovery and growth. Besides post-workout, you can also take whey conveniently with your breakfast for a protein-rich meal.

Why take whey protein supplements?

  • Quick to digest and absorb into the body compared to other widely known protein sources
  • Muscle mass improvements, particularly when taken after a workout
  • Greater satiety when dieting and usually improved control of appetite
  • Whey protein delivers more leucine than other protein sources


With creatine supplementation this summer, you build not only muscles but also a considerable increase in power and strength. When you have at least 13% more strength to power through your workouts, then the muscle-building benefits across your body should follow. For a simple dietary supplement, the remarkable effects of creatine are quite significant.

Creatine Supplementation Benefits

  • Enhanced muscular strength
  • Less exercise-induced muscle soreness
  • Enhanced blood flow in training
  • Increased growth of lean muscle
  • Better performance during strength training or HIIT


BCAAs are a vital strength and muscle gain supplement. They represent the critical amino acids, including leucine, valine, isoleucine, that the body can't produce. BCAAs' immediate benefit is to quicken muscle recovery, which is critical for optimal strength performance in your workouts for maximum gains.

Why take BCAAs

  • Prevent muscle breakdown
  • Less exercise fatigue
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Stimulate protein synthesis for improved muscle growth


The numerous benefits associated with consuming fatty fish like mackerel and salmon are extensively documented. Nevertheless, because of many contaminants, the quantity, purity, and availability of fatty acids that come from such sources are typically not reliable. However, omega-3 supplements can deliver the perfectly optimised and highly concentrated amounts of fatty acids that the body requires.

Benefits of Omega-3 supplements

  • Omega-3s reduce heart rate, which improves endurance when working out
  • It also reduces perceived exertion in a workout session, making hard exercises feel easier
  • Omega-3s reduce fat mass and increase lean mass
  • They also improve both reaction and recovery times during and after workouts
The supplements mentioned above are worth investing in for hitting your muscle-building targets for summer. They will complement all the hard work that you're putting in at the gym. While they won't wholly replace an exercise routine or proper nutrition, these supplements can surely help you get that muscular physique. Nevertheless, it is vital to talk to your doctor first before taking supplements to make sure that you are consuming safe doses.  

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