Whey Protein: A Weight Loss Tool

Whey Protein: A Weight Loss Tool
Photo: Cellucor Instagram Protein is a satiating macronutrient that boosts energy expenditure and decreases appetite. If you're trying to lose weight, increasing your protein intake with a whey protein supplement can help you get rid of fat, build and maintain muscle.

How does whey protein encourage weight loss?

  • Thermic Effect

    During digestion, protein utilises almost five times the number of calories as carbohydrates or fat during processing. This is because protein sources induce an increase in thermogenesis, a metabolic process that increases body temperature and burns calories. Whey is the most thermogenic source of protein meaning you continue to burn calories well after consumption. Along with speeding up your metabolism, protein helps you feel full for longer, which can result in you eating less and losing weight.
  • Anabolic Process

    Whey triggers the anabolic process, a part of metabolism, which involves the creation of new muscle mass, tissues and cells in the body. Protein Synthesis is an example of an anabolic process.
  • Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS)

    Muscle protein synthesis is the building of new muscle, usually maximised after training. Whey digests quickly and is rich in BCAAs, which plays a major role in promoting MPS and post-exercise recovery. Protein synthesis ensures you retain muscle and gain muscle easily as you shed fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body can burn.
  • Decreases hunger and curbs appetite

    Studies have shown that whey protein can increase levels of satiety-producing hormones and reduce levels of the hormone responsible for hunger. Since there are a few different types of whey protein, which you can learn more about in this blog post, try to find the one that will best suit all of your needs.
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Top 6 Whey Protein Powders for Weight Loss

Here are six of the top-selling whey protein powders for weight loss
  • Muscletech - NitroTech 100% Whey Gold

    A hydrolysed whey protein featuring the most premium whey isolate and concentrate for a superior amino acid profile. It contains 24 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs and 4g of glutamine per serving.
  • Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard 100% Whey

    This product is one of the best-selling whey protein powders worldwide. Available in a range of sizes and flavours, this product by Optimum Nutrition contains 24 grams of whey protein and 5 grams of BCAAs per scoop.

    Ghost Whey is a premium whey protein blend from protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate with natural digestive enzymes.Featuring amazing flavours, packed with 25g of protein, and only 130 calories per serving.
  • Cellucor - Cor Performance Whey

    A whey protein isolate based formula that packs 25g of protein per serving and features 100% whey protein and minimal fats or carbs.
  • Muscle Pharm - COMBAT 100% WHEY

    Combat 100% Whey combines two sources of whey protein, protein isolate and protein concentrate. It contains 25 grams of protein, 1g of sugar and is gluten-free & low in sodium.
  • Pro Supps - PS WHEY

    PS Whey, a blend of 20% protein isolate & 80% protein concentrate, will give you 24g of protein per serving.

A Weight Loss Tool

Adding whey protein to your diet can most definitely aid weight loss; however, protein powders alone won’t help you lose weight. A combination of protein and training is needed to get the best results. Remember for weight loss to occur, you must decrease your calorie intake, burn more calories through exercise (or a combination of both) to create a calorie deficit.

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