Why you should use Creatine

Why you should use Creatine
Creatine is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements on the market today, it's one of the less expensive supplements and also the most effective If you want to build more muscle and perform to your full potential. Creatine gives you more energy, it can help you work out harder, and for longer and overall you achieve better results from your training sessions. What does creatine do? It helps to increase your adrenaline triphosphate stores - this is the chemical form of energy used by your body when you move. Creatine helps you increase your energy. Perfect for those quick, intense moves. Is creatine good for you? It works by raising the levels of chemicals that occur naturally in your body to help you create more energy, it is extremely safe and has no health risks.

Why should you take creatine?

1. You can build more muscle mass through harder workouts. Taking creatine helps increase the intensity of your workout. You can push yourself longer and harder in the gym which allows you to build muscle faster. Of course, you still need to push yourself in every session and remember to feed your body enough calories for muscle mass to build. 2. Improve your athletic performance. If you are into cross-fit, powerlifting or boot camp, you are working your body in the way like athletes do. By ensuring your supply of creatine phosphate is topped up, you won't tire yourself after just a few sprints. 3. You can recover faster allowing you to train more often. Creatine helps increase the recovery rate of the cells in your muscles, which reduces the amount of rest time between workouts. If you generally take a few days off between workouts taking creatine may allow you to have just a day between workouts. This means in a month you'll be able to do more workouts allowing you to get results faster. 4. Creatine will increase your metabolic rates. This is perfect if are looking to lose weight - the number of calories you burn each day will impact on how quickly you see results. Lowering your carbohydrate intake when losing weight often results in lower levels of energy, making it harder to get through each session. Creatine can offset this fatigue, so you can continue what you are doing while not on a fat-loss diet. Platinum 100% Creatine by Muscletech - gives your muscles the world’s highest quality form of micronised creatine, perfect for increasing lean muscle while improving your strength and endurance. Train harder for longer and make real gains in strength and size - it won't go unnoticed. Creatine is just like a phosphate donor that delivers energy to your muscles to help you achieve the results you want. Read More:

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