Female Training

Female Training
Training as a woman has it’s own specific challenges to keep in mind. Besides the same problems men have (diet, habits and time) fitness for women has so much information out there, and with so many wild variations on advice, that it seems there is no right answer. There are some universal truths though, so let us help you with a few helpful tips to get the results you want.

1) You’re not going to “get Bulky”.

I repeat, that’s not going to happen. For male-like mass, you need male-like hormones. Testosterone is the hormone that lets men pack on that sort of muscle (relatively) quickly. While a testosterone level of 25 nanograms per decilitre is quite normal for a woman, anything under 200 in men is considered low. An average man will have around 16 times the amount of testosterone than the average woman. This is a massive physical advantage in putting on muscle mass. What this means is that the chances of you getting “bulky” is practically nil. Now, there are some female bodybuilders who have physiques that look quite masculine. I will guarantee that they have some sort of testosterone supplement at least, and use anabolic steroids at their worst. They also spend every waking moment of their lives on a quest to get bigger. Even if you’re hitting the gym twice a day, carb loading and lifting heavy, you will not look like these women. You will get more sculpted muscles by working them out though.

2) Men and Women are both human, and can train like one.

I know this may seem obvious, but we do share the same basic anatomy and biochemistry. This means that what works well for one will work well for the other, whether you 're a man or a woman, the results will be the same from that Muscletech Hydroxycut Elite 100 Caps you have been taking. The results will just be much slower for women. The basic training program need not be very different though. If you want to improve your curves, tighten up and have a body that defies time and gravity, you will need to be working hard and lifting heavy weights. The old mentality of doing many repetitions of light weights for sculpting muscles has long since been disproven. That may slightly reduce fat levels, but it’s more likely to just dehydrate you. To get those curves you need to build firm muscle. Whether it’s bulletproof buttocks or a decolletage to die for, you must work the muscle hard enough that your body repairs it and builds it up. It’s that simple.

3) Eat low carb.

While the metabolic differences between men and women are minor, there are some. Women do burn more fat than carbohydrates, which is why women tend to get good results from low carb diets. As a general rule, women also need fewer kilojoules than men. This is because of the greater muscle mass and lower body fat percentage that the average man has when compared to the average woman.

4) Get those curves.

Deadlifts, squats, lunges, pull-ups and dips are all exercises you need to include in your routine. Yes, they are difficult, yes they will get you sweating, but that is the point, that's what you need to do when you want to burn fat. You need to be working hard enough that your body taps into your stored fat and builds your muscles. These exercises all work multiple areas and are sure to have you sore the next day, but well on your way to that sculpted look that you’re after.

5) Proper form.

This is even more important for women than men, as women have a different centre of balance, and are more likely to suffer from injuries related to poor form. As a general rule, your body should remain stable, your abdominals contracted and the only moving areas should be those that are being targeted by the exercise. For example, if you’re doing a push up, your body should be straight, your head in line with your body and your core tensed. That way each push up is really working your muscles. Anyone can do twenty poor push ups by just having their arms rigid and pelvic thrusting into the ground, but it’s not really doing much for you.

6) Get enough protein.

Your body needs protein to build muscle. Whether you get it through lean red meat or from vegetable sources is entirely up to you, but you will need it. Protein is what makes up your muscles, and without it, you simply can’t repair or build lean muscle, meaning all you get out of a workout is a lot of sweat and nothing to show for it.

7) Warm up properly.

Yes, you’re a busy person with things to do and places to be, but unless those places to be don’t mind you spending a few weeks with a limp (or worse), warming up is something that you must make time for. This means that you should do a couple of light sets before you stress that particular muscle. For example, if you’re doing squats, start with a light weight (or none at all), then add about half of the weight you plan on for your main set, then three quarters before you actually get into your workout sets. Stretching in between also keeps the muscles moving and lowers the chances of injury, which will stop your health plans in their tracks very quickly.

8) Rest between sets, don’t have a muffin and a latte.

Most programs allow between 60 and 120 seconds of rest between sets. This lets your body recover a bit without cooling down too much and letting fatigue toxins take hold. Any longer and your workout is going to be compromised. You still need some rest, but keep it under control.

9) The scale is not a measure of progress.

The bathroom scale tells you your body weight. That is it. It doesn’t tell you how much more energetic you feel, how much firmer your posterior is or how much healthier you look. Make your goals based on health, not on weight. If you’re feeling healthier, more energetic, enthusiastic and generally greater than you were last week, you’re making great progress.

10) Celebrate your improvements.

It’s common to start on a fitness goal and then once you’re a couple of weeks in, you realise just how far you have to go. That’s why celebrating the small goals is important. Maybe you can finally do 5 chin ups, whereas before you started you couldn’t do one. Maybe you can run up the whole three flights of stairs to your office without needing to stop for a breather on the second floor. Maybe you just put on a dress that was too tight last year, but looks fantastic now! That’s an achievement, and by celebrating it, you’re acknowledging that you’ve improved. When you improve, even a little bit, your goal gets closer and closer. And once you realise that you’ve come so far, that you’re closer to the goal version of you than you are the starting point version of you, then you know that what was once an almost impossible task is inevitable now. So there you have it, some important tips for you on achieving your fitness goals as a woman. Keep them in mind when setting up a plan for getting healthy and fit, and you’ll find that success will come that little bit easier than you may have feared. Good luck! Read More:

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