Self Improvement

Self Improvement
There’s more to self improvement than buying a philosophy book or getting tweets from your favourite guru, self improvement is an ongoing process. It’s easy to just let things go as they are, but it takes  a lot of willpower to shift your habits and get yourself moving in a new direction. You will need to find what works for you, but here’s a few tips to get you started on the path to the next version of yourself. You’ll still be you, just with the volume turned way up!

1) Build momentum

Nothing breeds success like success. I know that sounds stupid, but you’ll find it hard to be the best in the world without being the best in your suburb first. It’s OK to start small. Most businesses started in someone’s garage, or before that, existed only in someone’s mind. Set yourself some short term goals that you want to achieve on your way to your big self improvement goal. Growth hormone boosters is a good example that you can use to help build momentum if you want to gain mass. Say if your big goal is to be an olympic swimmer, you don’t just turn up to the olympic trials and say “where do I get my super tight speedos?” You start at your local pool, you try to get faster and faster, winning local, regional and state contests along the way to the national titles.

2) Always be learning

It’s amazing how often people reject something as “irrelevant” to their goal. What you learn today can really affect how your tomorrow turns out. One example is Steve Jobs deciding to drop in to calligraphy classes at university. He enjoyed it, and as time went on he incorporated fonts into the Apple Macintosh, which has affected the way we communicate across the globe. Another example are Pre Workout (caffeine Free) supplements, I have been easing up on my caffeine intake and taking these instead of the regular pre-workout supplement was great for me. Adding to your skillset is never a waste. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning another language, discovering yoga or taking a cooking class, keep doing things that interest you and you’ll find a way to use them.

3) Be a little bit arrogant

Not necessarily the swaggering and bragging that you see some people with, but try to have the calm confidence that whatever comes along, you’ll find a way to handle it. You’re occasionally outnumbered, but never outclassed. Fearing a challenge is natural, especially a particularly difficult one, but if you believe that you can do it, and do it well, it can create a mental space where you can take away the distractions. Distractions like fear, worry, insecurity or doubt fade back and you believe that you can succeed, and that belief focuses your efforts to make it happen.

4) Set goals

How to set goals is a whole different article (literally, check it out here), but having goals will help you keep track of your progress. Think of them as little markers on your path to self improvement. Even if you do happen to fall short of your main goal (we can’t all be rock stars after all) you’ll have improved yourself in so many ways as you went along, that all the effort will still have a reward for the time you invested in it. Imagine if your goal was to be a play in the NBA, but you can’t even get to the top level in Australia. Along the way you’ve learned fitness, health, teamwork, coordination along with a whole host of other skills. Sure, you might not be playing at the top level, but what you learned along the way can be applied to loads of other things, and you may not be quite good enough to make it as a player, but maybe you will as a coach.

5) Deal with the setbacks

If the goal you’re chasing is worth while, it’s probably pretty hard to do. You’re going to have setbacks along the way. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to be a world champion chess player, or to be a healthier version of you, at some stage it’ll be all too hard. Self improvement is not an all-or-nothing event. Every step along the way gets you closer to the person you want to be. Along the way there will be some problems, some mistakes and maybe even some days when you feel you’re going backwards. This is where you can really work on being the person you want to be. It’s in these moments that we find out who we really are. You can show yourself just how much mental strength, determination and heart you really have, and when you succeed -and if you stick to it, you will- every setback just makes your success all the more sweet.

6) Be curious

Part of improving yourself is always going to be learning, and learning always requires curiosity. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Children learn so much because they’re not afraid to ask “why”. Be like a child. Sometimes we’re afraid to ask questions because we don’t want to look stupid, but this is the attitude that can stop us asking the questions we need answers to the most. These days, the answers to most questions are just a web search away, so feel free to indulge your curiosity. Ask the questions you want answers for. Nutrition, fitness, sports, general health, absolutely anything, be keen to learn.

7) Be daring

Pretty much every person who succeeded in something had to deal with doubters. someone told them that what they wanted was impossible, and that person was proven to be wrong. Set yourself tasks that make other people look at you like you must be mad. Dare to challenge yourself in ways that other people don’t, because that’s the best way to get the results that other people can’t. Doubters can be the best motivators of all.

8) Support others who are trying to improve themselves

Very few people can succeed alone. Whether it’s someone coaching you, or someone just listening to you talk about what’s troubling you, you’re probably going to need support. Remember the people that help you, and do what you can to help them in return. There’s a saying that you’re the average of the people you surround yourself with. As the people around you improve themselves, and as you contribute to that, you improve too. Be a good friend and it will be come back to you.


So there you have it, some basic tips on how you can improve yourself. You can apply them to most areas, whether it’s fitness and health, or becoming more patient or creative, or even a better parent. Once you realise that your goal CAN be achieved, all that it takes is for you to start working towards it, so start now. The next version of you is waiting! Go get it! Read More:

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