Staying strong when you’re staying home

Staying strong when you’re staying home
There will always be times when you can’t get to the gym, making it easy to miss a workout. Hitting the gym, taking a class or getting out into nature is great exercise and fun, but sometimes you just can’t get there. But this is no excuse not to break a sweat! Whether you’re at home, on holiday, or travelling for work, follow this routine to get a great total-body workout wherever you are. It can be done almost anywhere and requires no specialist equipment. You can also find some other great workout routines at the Supps R Us site, or download and try out some of the many apps and websites available to mix up your workout routines at home! Being couped up is no excuse not to work out! But remember, if you’re feeling unwell, get lots of rest, drink water, eat well and see your doctor! Always listen your body and stop if it doesn’t feel right.  


Do each for 25 seconds and repeat twice Jumping jacks Plank Squats  


Do each for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest in-between. Repeat circuit 2 times. Push ups Dips Walking lunges Mountain climbers Squat pulses Walking Plank  

Burnout finisher

Do 20 reps of each, with 20 seconds rest in-between. Repeat circuit 2-3 times. Burpee High knee stationary sprint (20 seconds) Plyometric Push-ups  


Do each for 30 seconds Child’s pose Quadricep stretch Hamstring stretches Shoulder circles

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