The best cable exercises for a big back

The best cable exercises for a big back
A big back can play an important role in strength and overall appearance by making you appear bigger and wider. It’s no wonder so many of us strive for that look by working straight-bar exercises such as T-bar rows, inverted rows and bent-over rows. But, is there more you could be doing? If you want a truly massive back, cable exercises could be the way to go. Unlike straight-bar exercises, which can be rough on your elbows and shoulders, cable exercises allow free movement in your arms, placing less stress and impact on the joints, ligaments, and tendons, while putting constant tension on your muscles. Looking for the best back exercises for mass? Head to the cable machine. Seated Cable Row Sit in front of the machine, using a neutral grip. Start with your torso at a 90 degree angle to your legs. Your back should be slightly arched, and your chest out. With your torso stationary, breathe out as you pull the handle back, keeping your arms close to your body. Squeeze your back muscles until the handle reaches your chest. Hold as you contract, then slowly move back to the start position. Single-Arm Cable Row
Single-Arm Cable Row source:
Sit down and grab hold of a single handle until your torso is at 90 degrees to your legs. Keep your torso stationary as you pull the handle back, keeping your arm close to your body and rotating the wrist towards your abs. Breathe out as you do this, squeezing your back muscles. Pause, and return to the starting position. Note: you can also add a rotation for a Single-Arm Cable Row & Rotation, which will work your shoulder stabilisers and your lower-body. Other cable exercises to work your back include:
  • Half-kneeling Cable Row
  • Split Stance Low Cable Row
  • 30-Degree Lat Pulldown
  • Face Pull
  • Cable X-Row
  • Cable Incline Pushdown
However, even the best back exercises may not offer the gains you want on their own. Combined with the right diet, supplements can make a huge difference. If you want to build lean mass, check out mass gainer options such as International Protein Extreme Mass and BSN True Mass. Or if you want to make the most of your workout, investigate pre workout supplements and post workout recovery aids. Read More:

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