Workout Like a girl

Workout Like a girl
A few years back, there was a campaign called ‘like a girl’. It worked off the premise that doing something ‘like a girl’ was an insult. The campaign went on to show footage of sporting girls who were anything but weak. In fact, these kids proved that hitting, kicking, or running like a girl involves immense speed, confidence, and power. We agree. That’s why Supps R Us gladly stocks supplements that keep you ‘powerfully pink’. One of our favourite femme-facing supplements does – indeed – come in a pink pack. But that’s not what makes it a ‘girly’ product. 1UP Nutrition’s Her BCAA will definitely help you one-up the guys at your local gym or race track. The secret ingredients are Glutamine and Collagen, which 1UP have combined in a special formulation called Sustamine.

Sustainable exercise

Sustamine contains L-Glutamine and L-Alanine, offering up a dose of the Three Rs: rehydration, recovery, and replenishment. It’s not the type of supplement you need to chug before you hit the gym. Recommended usage is to dissolve a scoop in 235ml of water then sip it before, during, and after your exercise session. It helps develop strength and muscle tone. Your now stronger, leaner muscles (and fewer fat globules) will reshape your body, improving your posture, firming up your jiggles and putting your curves in the right light. Plus, Sustamine is great for your ‘girly bits’, boosting hair volume and making your nails more elegant and less brittle. The collagen component also enhances your skin’s elasticity, making you look younger and healthier.

What’s your flavour?

1UP Her BCAA pays homage to the love of flavour, with pineapple, raspberry, and watermelon variants. And if you’re worried about pricing, Supps R Us has your back. We’ll let you pay in up to four instalments, each one less than $15. And we’ll deliver to your door as well. Besides the benefits of this particular brand of BCAA, true fitness enthusiasts may be more interested in the science. BCAA contains the type of L’s any girl (or boy) would be happy to take. They’re called L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. These branched-chain amino acids are essential – your body can’t manufacture them so you have to get them via food or supplements. Other amino acids get metabolised in the liver, but BCAAs are broken down at muscle level. Leucine builds muscle, while the other two regulate blood sugar for sustained energy to power and prolong exercise sessions. They’re said to lower the fatigue of your mind and muscles too. To maximise the girl power in your workout and get even better results, call Supps R Us today on 1300 252 355.

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