Forearms - Palms up wrist Curl

Forearms - Palms up wrist Curl
Palms up wrist curls are all about zeroing in on those forearms. Getting good forearm strength will help you build a grip that people notice. Facts


  • Compound exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Forearms
  • Helper muscles – Biceps

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Place the barbell on the bench and kneel down in front of it. Grab the bar and rest your forearms on the bench, with your wrists over the edge, palms facing up. Curl your wrist upwards, exhaling as you curl. Slowly lower the bar back to the starting position, inhaling as you go.

Why it’s good:

This is one of those exercises that you can do while letting other areas of your body recover. If you really can’t do another squat, knock out a set of these and rest those legs, there’s no need to be completely still, even while resting!

What to watch out for:

Make sure your forearms are stationary. If they’re moving around, you may not be getting the proper focus on your forearms that you want.

Snapshot: Palms up wrist curls

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