Abdominals - Ab Crunch Machine

Abdominals - Ab Crunch Machine
The ab crunch machine is a way to get the situp movement with less load on your back, but extra resistance, is it’s a better workout, with less risk of injury.  


  • Isolated Exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Abdominals and Obliques
  • Helper muscles – Hip Flexors

Male | Female


Choose the appropriate weight and sit down in the machine. Put your feet behind the pads and grasp the handles above your head. Machines may look different, but the motion is usually the same. As you breathe out, pull your elbows and knees together by bending at the waist. Both your arms and legs should remain rigid when you do this. Open yourself up, and return to the starting position.

Why it’s good:

Because you have to force the movement when crunching, or opening up, you work a lot more of your core than regular situps.

What to watch out for:

Make sure your lower back is in the right position, and that your stomach muscles, not your back, are taking most of the load.

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