Middle Back - Seated Cable Row (Narrow Grip)

Middle Back - Seated Cable Row (Narrow Grip)
The seated cable row is a straight-forward exercise that isolates the upper body for a fixed workout that can give your back, shoulders and arms the lean muscle that you’re after. Main muscle targeted with Seated Cable Row – Latissimus Dorsi (Middle Back)


      • Compound Exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Latissimus Dorsi (Middle Back)
      • Helper muscles – Biceps and rear deltoids

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Set the appropriate weight on the machine and attach a V-Bar handle. Sit down and hold the bar firmly in your palms (not fingers). Keep your back straight and legs slightly bent as you pull towards your stomach. As you pull, exhale and squeeze your shoulder blades together. They should point towards each other as if you were trying to pick up a pen with them. Inhale as you return the bar to the starting position.

Why it’s good:

The middle back is very important to general health, it protects your spine and building it up will give you a better posture and the best chance of avoiding injuries.

What to watch out for:

Keep your shoulders back and make sure you’re not leaning forward, otherwise you can be placing pressure on your lower spine, and it will become very uncomfortable.

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