Middle Back - Wide Grip Lat Pull-down Technique

Middle Back - Wide Grip Lat Pull-down Technique
Wide grab lat pull-down is a fantastic exercise to make the lats wider. It’s a very simple exercise good for any person of little or lots of experience. Main muscle targeted with Wide grab lat pull-down exercise – Lats


      • Compound Exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Lats
      • Helper muscles – Biceps and rear deltoids

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Position your hands on the bar as wide as the bar allows you to go. Sit down with the leg rolls firm on your quads. Arch your back, lean back slightly and pull the bar down to your upper chest while contracting the lats. Hold the bottom position for a good hold and let the bar up slowly stretching the lats out. When letting the bar up, bring your torso forward to allow a full stretch.

Why it’s good:

The lat pull works a lot of the upper body, giving you a great workout without the risk of dropping weights on your feet.

What to watch out for:

Don’t pull so hard that the cable goes slack as the weight is propelled upward. Once gravity pulls it down again, the sudden tension can pull your arms, pull a muscle in your back or clip you under the chin. None of these are much fun.

Snapshot: Wide grab lat pull-down exercise

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