Shoulders - Incline Dumbbell Press Technique

Shoulders - Incline Dumbbell Press Technique
Incline bench press is useful for building your upper pecs and across your collar bone area. Main muscle targeted – Upper Chest, Shoulders


      • Compound Exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Upper Chest, Shoulders
      • Helper muscles – Triceps

Male | Female


Pick up the dumbbells and sit on the incline bench facing up. Rest the weights on your thighs while you find a comfortable position. Lift the dumbbells up and beside your shoulders, with your palms facing towards your feet and your elbows away from your sides. Press them upwards until your elbows are straight, and your hands are directly above your shoulders. Lower the dumbbells until your elbows are just below your shoulder. Keep in control.

Why it’s good:

The lower pecs are usually easy to develop, but for a good chest, the upper pecs need attention too. This targets them and gives men a more chiseled chest, and women a firmer, more smoothe décolletage.

What to watch out for:

If you’re struggling, get a spotter. All bench press exercises can be dangerous if you find yourself stuck under a bar, or hit in the face with a dumbbell. If it’s a heavy weight, get a spotter mate.

Snapshot: Incline bench press

Incline bench press

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