Shoulders - Shoulder Press Machine

Shoulders - Shoulder Press Machine
The shoulder press is an exercise that will help build those shoulders up, which is vital in reducing shoulder injuries, as well as creating a good posture. Main and Helper muscles targeted


      • Compound Exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Shoulders
      • Helper muscles – Triceps

Male | Female


Select the weight you want and sit down in the machine. The handles should rest just above your shoulders. While looking slightly upward, press the handles by extending your elbows, exhaling as you do so. Pause at the top, then breathe in as you return the handles towards the starting position, halting the movements just before the stops. This means you have to expend energy to slow the movement, rather than letting the machine do that for you, which gives you a better workout.

Why it’s good:

The Shoulder press machine helps you get those heavy weights above your head, without the risk of dropping them onto your face.

What to watch out for:

Too much weight can push your arms back very quickly, resulting in injury. Keep it controlled.

Snapshot: shoulder press exercise

shoulder press exercise

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