Traps - Barbell Shrug

Traps - Barbell Shrug
Getting your traps working is a great way to get a good, clean neck-line as well as support your neck itself. Main muscle targeted – Trapezius and Helper muscles targeted Upper back


      • Isolated exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Trapezius
      • Helper muscles – Upper back

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Grab the barbell with an overhand grip, shoulder-width apart, standing with a straight back and a comfortable stance.  Hold the barbell in front of your thighs with your arms extended (without letting them just dangle from your shoulders). While keeping your shoulders and arms tensed, shrug your shoulders as high as possible. Hold it for a moment and then return to starting position in a controlled movement.

Why it’s good:

Because you’re using a barbell, you can develop both sides of your neck equally simply by keeping the barbell level.

What to watch out for:

If the bar is tilting to one side, the lower side is weaker and you should focus on that one. Also, you should be standing tall and looking ahead, with your shoulders as far back as possible, otherwise you can be putting stress on your upper spine.

Snapshot: Traps - Barbell Shrug

Traps - Barbell Shrug

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