Traps - Leverage Shrug

Traps - Leverage Shrug
The leverage machine combines the advantages of a symmetrical movement that you get with a barbell, and the more comfortable posture of a dumbbell workout. Main and Helper muscles targeted


      • Isolated exercise
      • Main muscle targeted – Trapezius
      • Helper muscles – Upper back

Male | Female


Load the machine with the appropriate weight and stand in the position with your legs shoulder width apart. While keeping your shoulders and arms tensed, shrug your shoulders as high as possible while exhaling. Hold it for a moment and then return to starting position in a controlled movement, inhaling as you go.

Why it’s good:

Because you’re using this machine, your back can be completely straight, but the movement stays symmetrical. It’s the best of dumbbell and barbell shrugs rolled into one!

What to watch out for:

Too much weight can compress your spine, so keep it sensible.

Snapshot: Traps - Leverage Shrug

Traps - Leverage Shrug

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