23 Awesome High-Protein Foods

23 Awesome High-Protein Foods
It’s good to know that there are great protein supplements readily available whenever you need a hit of the power-producing substance. Having protein bars and protein drinks at your disposal is never a bad idea, but making protein a focal point of your diet will have you hitting peak results in the gym sooner than later. 23 Awesome High-Protein Foods Here are 23 food choices that are high in protein and varied enough to appease even the pickiest of eaters.

Best at Breakfast

1. Greek Yogurt - 10g per 100g Having a stock of Greek yogurt in your fridge is always a smart idea. Use it in heaps of awesome breakfast foods or scoop it into a bowl and top it with just about anything. 2. Eggs - 6g per large egg Another key to just about any high-protein breakfast, eggs are bursting with the amino acids that make protein such a powerful tool in the fight for fitness. 3. Peanut Butter - 25g per 100g An awesome topping on breads of all types, peanut butter has long been a popular source of protein. 4. Cottage Cheese - 25g per 100g Often used as a healthy substitute in recipes, cottage cheese can make potentially unhealthy foods such as pancakes nutritionally beneficial by squeezing in extra protein. 5. Milk - 8g per 1 cup of 1% fat Looking to drink your protein without adding any powder or other supplements? Milk is the opposite of a bad choice. We won’t tell if you want to get a bit cheeky and chug some of the chocolate kind.  

Muscle Making Meats

6. Chicken - 27g per 100g Whether you go the healthier grilled route or prefer to fry it up in greasy goodness, chicken will serve your protein needs like few other main dish staples can. 7. Pork Mince - 32g per 100g of 96% lean mince Not all pork is created equal, as fattier, greasier versions such as bacon can have negative health effects that outweigh the dose of protein found within. If you’re stinging for the pig flesh, one of the best varieties is super lean mince, which gives you bunches of protein with less fat. 8. Beef Mince - 27g per 100g of 95% lean mince As with pork and other red meats, the leaner the batch, the better the protein power. If you can get your hands on 95% lean beef mince for your next burgers or meatballs, don’t hesitate.  

Fantastic Fish

9. Tuna - 30g per 100g of Bluefin There’s nothing fishy about the protein powers of tuna. Grill it up in steak form or grab a tin for a quick and easy lunch at your desk. To get the most out of your meal, seek out the Bluefin variety. 10. Salmon - 20g per 100g of Atlantic A popular choice for lunch and dinner, salmon is another example of the protein power of fish. Atlantic salmon is a widely-available version that will suit your needs.  11. Tilapia - 26g per 100g For fish fanatics that prefer white varieties, tilapia is a hero when it comes to protein. Dive in and get ready to enjoy what you see. 12. Sardines - 25g per 100g Sardines get a bit of a bad rap. If you’re not afraid of the tiny fish, go ahead and consume all that good protein. If you don’t like them, just think about how gutting through them at your next meal will help you gut through your next tough set in the gym.  

Super Solid Snacks

13. Edamame - 11g per 100g Edamame isn’t bursting at the seams with protein like some other sources on this list. However, it does represent a healthy green option that still has some protein kick. 14. Hummus - 8g per 100g Besides being an awesome dip, hummus can be a great source of protein for vegetarians. Its substantial nature beefs up many sandwiches and dishes. 15. Almonds - 21g per 100g Nuts are an super source of protein, and almonds are an easily portable snack that can up your protein in times of need. 16. Cashews - 18g per 100g Cashews can often come super salty, which can be negative for your health. However, if you can get them raw you can enjoy the raw power of the protein they hold. 17. Pistachios - 20g per 100g Pistachios join almonds and cashews as great nuts for protein nuts. Eat them on their own, mix them with their aforementioned nut brothers and sisters or sprinkle them on top of other dishes to up the protein level a bit. 18. Pepitas - 19g per 100g Topping oatmeal or Greek yogurt with pepitas or adding them to baked goods gives you crunchy texture and, more importantly, protein punch. 19. Dry Roasted Soy Beans - 48g per 100g These little guys are great on-the-go snacks. Pop a handful and boost your protein stores for improved performance.

Optimal Others

20. Quinoa - 14g per 100g Considered a “superfood” by some, quinoa has been steadily growing in popularity. Eat it uncooked if you want to consume the most protein possible. 21. Tofu - 8g per 100g It can be hard for vegetarians and vegans to get their protein, as reliable meat sources are not on the table. Tofu, while not as rich in protein, is a decent alternative that can be prepared in stacks of ways. 22. Lentils - 26g per 100g Lentils are pint-sized protein powerhouses. These unassuming legumes actually are full of protein, so search them out on the menu next time you’re going for Indian food. 23. Black Beans - 21g per 100g Beans are an awesome source of protein, and you can’t get much better than the black variety. Make sure they’re part of your next Mexican meal and start making some progress on your PBs. Read More:

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