5 Basic cooking tips

5 Basic cooking tips
Cooking in your own kitchen can be fun and healthy, especially if you’re making a meal for someone special, however it’s the daily meals that we eat where most of our nutrition comes from. With that in mind, here are some basic tips to get your daily meals that little bit healthier. YOu'll have more control over what you eat, which is always good for your general health.

1) Don’t fry

If you own a deep fryer, throw it out. There are always healthier alternatives to deep frying. This is pretty much the worst thing you can do to food as it lowers it’s nutrients while increasing the trans-fats. Throw that thing away! Pan frying with a tiny amount of oil is much better, but baking or searing is better still.

2) Prepare in advance.

Time is precious to all of us. One thing that a lot of people do to make good use of their time is to have a Sunday cook-up, especially if you are watching your calories and you plan to prepare low carb meal. You can prepare several meals in advance and freeze them to eat later. This means you cook the meals fresh, and have more time during the week, especially on those nights where you’ve had a long day and just can’t face cooking. Past you has already done it for you!

3) Make your own seasoning.

Packet sauces and seasonings are often full of salt, sugar and preservatives. Having a little herb garden looks, smells and tastes great. Fresh homegrown basil, rosemary, thyme or mint can be added to practically any dish to give it a lift, and the fragrance throughout the kitchen is enticing and pleasant. Once you’ve made your own herb seasoning, you’ll never want to go back, and they can also be dried for later use if you want.

4) Cook your veggies quickly.

A quick stiry fry or steam will lock in the colour and nutrients. If you leave them to become soggy, they’re not only less nutritious, they don’t have that snap and crunch that makes them so delicious. Veggies are bets eaten raw, or at least cooked ever so slightly, but you can always go for vegetable green supplements if you can't get fresh vegetables. 5 Basic cooking tips

5) Buy local produce.

The local farmers market is by far the best place to get organic, fresh fruit, vegetable and meat that has come straight from the farm to your plate. Avoiding the snap frozen food that can be found in supermarkets will not only have you preparing tastier meals, but they’ll be better for you too.


So there you have it. Five quick tips that will help you to prepare healthy, wholesome meals in your own kitchen. They’re simple, but may be just that little something extra you need to get your diet and health plans on track. Read More:

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