5 Off-the-Radar Muscle Building Foods

5 Off-the-Radar Muscle Building Foods
  If you want to get serious of building muscle, it’s time to stop relying solely on pumping iron and start incorporating your diet into your training regime. In addition to keeping a supply of mass gainer and protein supplements on hand, developing and maintaining a solid eating routine is the quickest, safest way to add rippling muscle to your frame. Everybody knows the primary culinary culprits when it comes to packing on muscle. Eggs, fish and red meat are all great assistants in the fight for growth. But there are heaps of other, less well-known ingredients that can aid you in your journey. Here are a handful of more obscure foods that will take your muscle making to the next level. 5 Off-the-Radar Muscle Building Foods
  1. Quinoa
There’s a reason why quinoa has become such a big deal amongst healthy eaters. This superfood grain is packed with excellent benefits. For those looking to grow muscle mass, the biggest thing to remember is that quinoa is full of protein. Still keep a stash of Quest Bars in your bag for when you need a quick fix, but get in the habit of adding this great grain to your plates of salmon or steak.
  1. Clams and Oysters
Getting a full workout that will maximise muscle growth requires a big-picture view to nutrition. This means focusing on more than just protein intake. Clams and oysters are chock full of iron, which helps send oxygen through your body and keep you energised. More energy equals more potential for wicked results during your next workout.
  1. Chocolate Milk
You might think we’re kidding, but chocolate milk is actually one of the best tools to turn to when looking to recover from a tough workout. It has the protein and carbohydrates your body needs for proper recuperation with the obvious added benefit of great taste. Combined with post workout supplements, chocolate milk will get you ready to rip and tear once again.
    1. Venison
Chicken and red meat are obviously great sources of protein. What you might not know is that venison is an awesome alternative. The super-lean meat is super high in protein and won’t stock your body with fat that can get in the way of muscle growth. Make it a part of your diet, along with protein supplements such as Gold Standard 100% Whey , and watch your results soar.
  1. Almonds
While almonds are a well-known snack in the workout world, it’s important to know just how vital they can be to a successful mass gaining cycle. Popping these bad boys will give you the energy you need in the form of calories that are easier to mold into muscle than some carbohydrates. Grab some today and use them in conjunction with Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass to pack on the bulk. Read More:

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