What is reverse dieting?

What is reverse dieting?
So let’s say you’ve gone on a responsible diet (not one of those ridiculous fads), in which you’ve cut back on both the amount of food you eat and the amount of unhealthy food you consume. Congratulations. Sticking to a solid dietary plan takes a lot of dedication and planning. But the hard part might still lie ahead. While dropping weight initially is quite the achievement, keeping it off going forward is the main goal. One of the best ways to do so is through the practice of reverse dieting. What is it? Most responsible diets involved eating in more moderate levels and cutting some things out of your eating plan. Reverse dieting is a way to reintroduce higher amounts and different types of food back into your diet. Reverse dieting does not mean you can start eating whole sleeves of biscuits and pounding soft drinks all day. It is a safer, healthier way to get your body the kilojoules it craves due to recent eating restrictions. What does it do? When you remove large quantities of food from your eating routine, your body’s metabolism can slow down. The reintroduction of this food through reverse dieting helps kick start your metabolism while also having other positive general health impacts. Increasing your food intake via reverse dieting helps counteract the fact that your body will often gain fat at higher rates after dieting. What are the benefits? Besides the overall benefits of stabilising your metabolism and helping keep lost weight off your frame, there are several things to like about reverse dieting. Perhaps the most obvious is that you will start eating more food. Don’t go crazy, but slowly start increasing your portion sizes. Taking in more calories will give you more energy, which can also put you in a better, livelier mood, and give you more to use when you hit the gym. Helpful hints In addition to increasing what you eat during meals, consider incorporating protein supplements such as  Gold Standard Whey by Optimum Nutrition and protein bars such as Quest Bars. This will help the muscles in your body grow, something you’ll be wanting to take advantage of as you consume more calories. Dieting responsibly is a great way to lose some excess weight. But it’s important to know what to do to keep that weight off once it’s gone. Try reverse dieting to make sure you make all your dieting sacrifices really count. Read More:

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