Green Tea’s Got the Goods!

Green Tea’s Got the Goods!
Does it seem like everyone is talking about green tea at the moment? Well, there’s a good reason for that! Although some of us are only just catching on to the health benefits now, some cultures have been drinking green tea for centuries. Green tea is touted to be one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. It’s loaded with antioxidants that may have many health benefits such as improved brain function, fat loss, protection against cancer, and lowering the risk of heart disease. Green tea also has heaps of other benefits like anti-aging, lowering the risk of diabetes and helping you live longer just to name just a few!

Green tea and weight-loss

One of the main reasons for the popularity of green tea is that it can increase fat burning and boost your metabolic rate while decreasing inflammation in the body – which can help aid in weight loss. Some reports have also found that green tea can affect insulin levels and increase feelings of satiety, helping you feel more satisfied after eating for longer. This wonder ingredient can now also be found in a range of supplements like Green Tea X50 + Resveratrol making it even easier to include in your diet.


Antioxidants are known to protect the body against disease and are an important part of a healthy diet. Antioxidants can be found in a range of fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed foods. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants including potent antioxidants called catechins, which may help protect against cancer. Multiple studies show that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of various types of cancer.

How to prepare green tea

Green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and comes in several varieties. Green tea leaves can be steeped to make tea or sipped whole (in the form of matcha powder). It can be enjoyed hot, cold or in powdered form such as Green Tea X50 + Resveratrol just mix a handy single serve sachet with 600ml of water and enjoy!

Eat your greens

Apart from sipping green tea, you can use it in smoothies, on your breakfast cereal or overnight oats, or even use it to steam veggies or whole grain rice. Steeped green tea or matcha powder can also be added to soups, stews, sauces, and marinades. Matcha makes a great addition to curry, hummus, energy balls, gluten-free pancakes, frozen fruit pops, chia pudding, and baked goods. So, try adding the convenient and healthy Green Tea X50 to your diet now. So, go on, start enjoying the benefits of a cuppa green tea today! Read Also:

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