Why calories are not the enemy when trying to build muscle

Why calories are not the enemy when trying to build muscle
Think of your favourite car. In this instance, maybe a muscle car would be the most appropriate. Heaps of different moving parts need to work with each other in order to make the car fire on all cylinders. All these intricate parts require fuel to get going. Your body is no different. It needs some sort of fuel in order to do the hard work in the gym that will give you the rock-hard body you want. Much of this fuel comes in the form of calories. How do calories help? Calories can be a dirty word when it comes to fitness. You can build up fat if too man of them go unused. But not enough of them and you won’t have enough energy to get your body through the difficult work you want to put in in the gym. Calories act as the energy you burn during physical activity. They are what keep your body humming along even when you’re pushing it to its limits. What’s the best way to get them? Not all sources of calories are created equal. Eating high-calorie foods with few other nutritional benefits can be dangerous. While these items will provide the calories you need to hit the weights, they can also be full of nasty sugars and other additives that are detrimental to your fitness goals. Perhaps the best way to guarantee high calorie intake without damaging your body is with mass gainer supplements such as Serious Mass from  Optimum Nutrition. These supplements provide your body a purer form of the caloric fuel it needs to put in the hard yards with the weights. Not only do these supplements give your body a heaping helping of valuable calories, they also often pump it full of valuable protein and carbohydrates without additives. Like it or not, your body depends on calories to get it going. If you want to add some bulk to your body, mass gainer supplements can be some of your best friends. They allow you to get these vital calories and in a responsible way. Read More:

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