Dieting: Sometimes it’s in the genes

Dieting: Sometimes it’s in the genes
Sometimes life just isn’t fair. You and your friend can go on the same diet and consume the exact same amounts of the exact same foods and he or she might be the only one of you two that drops any meaningful weight. Does this mean you’re not trying hard enough? Not necessarily. Scientists have discovered that the effects of dieting can be heavily influenced by your genetic makeup. What part of your genes effects weight loss? Much of what determines how your body deals with kilojoule intake is tied to your metabolism. This is a rate at which your body breaks down the energy it takes in. Some people have a metabolic rate that is slower than others. This means their body does not like to use up the kilojoules gained when ingesting food and drink. Such metabolisms are considered “thrifty.” Potentially making this even worse is the fact that when you diet, your body’s metabolism will slow down even more. So, even though you might be taking in less kilojoules, your body is also using them at a slower rate. Ways to help speed up your metabolism There are a few things you can do to try to help boost your metabolic rate. One is to eat breakfast every day. This not only provides a solid platform in terms of energy for your body to use to tackle whatever’s coming at you, but also keeps your body from feeling hungry. When your body is hungry, it will slow down its metabolic rate in order to conserve kilojoules. Other studies have shown that drinking green tea can help, as can the inclusion of protein in your diet. Don’t have time to make a protein-packed meal or snack? Consider using some protein bars (such as Quest Bars) or protein drinks to get the valuable substance into your body. Don’t leave it up to your metabolism Those with high metabolisms do often have an easier time losing weight. However, just because your metabolic rate isn’t the greatest doesn’t mean you can’t get the toned frame you crave. Regardless of your body’s genetic makeup, a well-rounded diet and solid exercise routine will have you trimming up in no time. Don’t let your metabolic rate, something you have little control over, determine how happy you are with your body shape. Take your fitness destiny into your own hands. Read More:

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