Always Tired? What Supplements Can Help

Always Tired? What Supplements Can Help
Being tired all the time is no fun at all. Now, while some people may have health issues, such as thyroid issues, or insomnia, for others, it’s simply a matter of not having enough sleep due to work and social commitments. This lack of good quality sleep can be a drain on both our bodies and our brains. If you’ve ruled out health issues, and just need a bit more zing in your day to help you get through, then you can try out these supplements to stop the yawns and put you back on your feet - instead of struggling not to nap! How to recover body energy


People don’t drink coffee for no reason. While some people drink coffee because it’s delicious, others use it for its energy boosting effect – the energy from the caffeine contained within it. Now, if you don’t feel like chugging down cups of coffee all day, then you might like to try out a caffeine supplement instead, see our fat burner supplement or pre workout supplement for your energy boosting supplement needs. Please make sure to follow directions, or seek your physicians recommendations if you are new to these supplements as too much caffeine can have.


This is a natural source of caffeine, if you don’t feel like taking an actual caffeine supplement. Guarana seed extract comes from a native Brazilian shrub and is a great natural alternative to help boost your attention and mental cognition. Because of its high caffeine content if you’re supplementing with Guarana you should be careful of supplementing with other caffeine sources.


This is a herb that is known for boosting cognitive function and help fight symptoms of stress. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate on things because you are so sleepy, then you might like to give ginseng a go.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a supplement that is a powerful antioxidant. The supplement is made from a tree, so it’s all natural, too. It helps in improving the flow of blood around your body, and may help with cell energy within the brain.


For those with sleep issues, melatonin may be the answer. Melatonin is a hormone produced within your body whose main job is to regulate sleep patterns. Your body increases Melatonin production at night to help you fall asleep and reduce production during the day to help you wake up. If you have had problems with inconsistent sleep, supplementing with Melatonin can help you get restful sleep, see our Sleep Aid supplements for more info.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin which many people do not get enough of. This vitamin helps to metabolise sources of energy and may help fight symptoms of stress and mental health issues, with lower levels of vitamin B12, you may not be converting energy optimally. Supplement your diet with vitamin B12 if you aren’t getting enough of it from dietary sources such as red meat and dairy. This is particularly important for vegans. For all our supplements dedicated to helping improve your energy levels, check out our General Health supplements category. We stock all these supplements plus loads more for your best health yet. Read More:

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