Rock solid supplements for rock climbing

Rock solid supplements for rock climbing
Setting physical fitness goals and working toward them is good for your body and your mind, as both your physique and your self-esteem can receive a boost during the pursuit and achievement of these aims. Rock climbing provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy these benefits. Here are some supplements that can help you as you try to make it through new routes on your favourite wall. Glucosamine and Fish Oil You can find yourself in some pretty hairy situations that test joints all over your body when rock climbing. The best-laid plans for attacking a rock face, whether it be real or artificial, can go awry on the way up, forcing you to contort your legs and arms in wild positions that put pressure on everything from your knees and elbows to your fingers, toes and neck. Glucosamine and fish oil supplements such as Blackmores Glucosamine + Fish Oil can help keep the cartilage in these joints from getting too inflamed. Multi Vitamins If you’re looking for a broader range of vitamin and nutrient health sources, consider adding some multi vitamins to your daily routine. One option is Mutant ZMA+, which is chock full of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, all of which can help your body deal with the strains of climbing while in the harness. They can also help get your body on the road to recovery once you’re finished for the day. Protein Proper technique is key if you want to put in your best climbing performances. But strength can also be a great tool for tackling the sport. Protein supplements help build muscle and can lead to the larger, toned body shape you crave. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey and other similar supplements are strong options if you’re looking to get strong. Pushing yourself to the next handhold and reaching the apex of a face that’s been challenging you are just some of the great moments you can experience when climbing. Grab some of these supplements and you just might give yourself a better chance at doing so. Read More:

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