Three great supplements for golfers

Three great supplements for golfers
Golf is one of the best ways to ruin a nice day. Now, don’t get us wrong, getting together with some buddies and hitting the links can be great fun. But, as any golfer knows, it can also be tremendously frustrating. You nail one drive straight down the fairway and then shank the next seven. Or you sink a long putt before missing the next four short ones. Perfecting your technique is hard enough without having to worry about your body standing up to the stresses of the game. That’s why it might be a good idea to check out some of these supplements to keep you on the green and out of the rough when it comes to your physical health. Carbohydrates While nobody is going to confuse golfing with running a marathon, the fact remains that completing a round can take most of the day depending on how you shoot. That means you need to keep your energy levels up to snuff if you’re going to be playing your best as you head up to the 18th tee box. Carbohydrate supplements such as International Protein Extreme Carbs can give you the energy you need to keep hacking away all day. Fish Oil Getting that perfect bend in your lower half and finding the optimal form for your back and arms through your entire swing can be a nightmare for your joints. This can be especially true if you spend a long time at the driving range. Blackmores Fish Oil 1000 and other similar products can help control inflammation and swelling in your joints. Electrolytes Electrolytes keep you hydrated while you’re making your way through the course. They are particularly vital if you are playing in locations that have hotter climates, as the sun and heat can zap your energy. USN - Winners ENRG and other similar supplements have electrolytes that can help keep you hydrated, which in turn keeps your muscles functioning at their highest level. Golf can be a fun, low-impact way to get outside and get some exercise. Don’t let your body get in the way of that. Try some of these supplements to see if they can have you feeling as good as you do when you finally hit that perfect approach shot. Read More:

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