Take a look at Ghost Pump

Take a look at Ghost Pump
Photo: Ghost Instagram The Ghost brand is synonymous with nitric oxide products, and one of the best Ghost products in the range is Ghost Pump! The team at Ghost took over a year to design/make this great product, all to ensure that YOU get the best product. You get more of everything – a better formula – one that is Vegan-friendly, the best ingredients – including Astragin and Glycerpump, better value – more scoops inside, and, probably most importantly – better flavours! Ghost Pump comes in two delicious flavours Lemon Lime and Warheads – Sour Watermelon. When you buy any Ghost product, you know what you are getting in each and every scoop, thanks to the patented 100% transparent label that tells you the dose of every active ingredient. 4G Citrulline is one of the best components in the market, while most other brands choose to put Citrulline in their *proprietary blend* using words like *Dose* or *Compound* or call it *Citrulline Malate* which is nothing more than a mix of L-Citrulline and Malic Acid. The dose is usually undisclosed. With Ghost, you know that the 4 grams of L-Citrulline you get per scoop in Ghost Pump are equivalent to the L-Citrulline content of 8 grams of Citrulline Malate. While it’s true that pure L-Citrulline cots slightly more it gives you better pumps, without the potential of any stomach upsets or discomfort that can be caused by the additional acid. Ghost Pump is also Vegan Fermented which means it is vegan-friendly as well! 2.5G – the patented NO3-T Arginine Nitrate is one of the best pump ingredients of our time. The NO3-T bonded L-arginine and nitrate attacks nitric oxide from a different angle than other Ghost pump formulas to deliver to you a complete, all-out pump experience. Glycerpump – this is a new form of Glycerol which means no more clumps of product in your shake. This means your drink will stay silky smooth from the moment you take out the first scoop, till the time you take out your last scoop. Pinus Pinaster – pine bark isn’t new in the Pump range, but the Pinus Pinaster has some fantastic clinical data behind it – everything from endurance and vasodilation to performance – and the list goes on. It both completes and compliments the Ghost pump formula. Astragin – works to help improve your body’s ability to absorb all those essential proteins, amino acids and glucose. This means that with Astragin you know you are getting maximum benefits from every scoop of Ghost Pump you use. Read More:

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