7 Best Summer Sports for Your Health

7 Best Summer Sports for Your Health
For Australians, warm summer weather is on the way, and the coming months are a favourite time of year for lovers of outdoor adventures. Australia’s beaches, parks, and mountain ranges serve as the perfect playground for athletes. From surfing, to hiking in the Blue Mountains, Australians have plenty of opportunities to get outdoors, exercise and stay fit in the summer sun. But which summer sports are best? Here are seven that offer a chance for athletes to burn calories and get outdoors. All these activities burn an average of 200-600 calories per hour, based on estimates from CalorieLab for a 68-kilogram person, and they’re the perfect chance to enjoy the sun and blow off steam:   Rock Climbing If you’re looking for a full-body workout, rock climbing is the summer sport for you. Australia’s natural landscapes, and its growing number of indoor rock climbing gyms, offer a chance to work out all your muscle groups: Core, butt, back, arms and legs. Plus, you’ll burn 680 calories during a one hour of ascending up the mountain.   Beach Volleyball Looking for a way to enjoy the beach and burn a ton of calories? Beach volleyball is an ideal workout. Playing volleyball engages a number of key muscle groups, from your core, to your legs and butt. Plus, you’ll be outside, enjoying the beach and sun. On average, people can expect to burn 476 calories during a one-hour game.   Hiking Australia offers an endless number of locales for long walks in the wilderness. And hiking is an ideal summer sports for all athletes – from beginners to athletes at the top of their game. Hiking is great because it keeps your heart rate up and provides a wonderful workout for your calves, glutes and core. Hikers burn about 400-500 calories per hour, depending on the terrain, and trail running – a mix of hiking and running – offers another opportunity to burn some extra calories.   Tennis Professional tennis players are incredibly fit. That’s because tennis works out the entire body – legs, glutes, core and arms. Plus, it’s a wonderful cardio activity, keeping your heart rate up and helping you break a sweat. In general, tennis players burn about 350 calories per game – and if you play singles, it might just be a bit more.   Soccer The world’s most popular sport is one of the best cardio workouts – that requires immense conditioning to keep up. A great sport for runners, football works out the calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings, and it can help athletes improve agility. Footballers burn an average of 400 calories per hour, while professionals burn 600+ calories.   Swimming Swimming – whether in a pool or the ocean – is a great full-body workout that boosts heart health. Working your arms, shoulders, legs and core, swimming keeps your heart rate up for extended periods, resulting in a massive 600+ calories burned per hour depending on the stroke. A fast-paced butterfly can result in nearly 700 calories burned per hour for a 68-kg athlete.   Surfing A favourite Australian pastime, surfing offers an incredible workout opportunity. Due to the balance required, as well as the paddling, surfing works out the entire body, and can help athletes burn up to 200 calories per hour. Stand-up paddle boarding is another wonderful summer sport, that’s great at building core strength.   Sports Supplements to Aid Performance and Recovery Summer sports are a ton of fun, and they can serve as an effective workout replacement. Yet, it’s important to take steps to avoid injuries, while you’re working out outside of the gym. Nutritional supplements – like protein bars, daily vitamins, and pre-workout supplements – are perfect for giving your body the energy it needs to protect itself from injury. A few to consider include:
  • Protein bars and snacks: Whether you put a few of these in your beach bag, or your hiking pack, protein bars are ideal for on-the-go nutrition. Many are formulated to provide quick energy and proteins at exactly the right time.
  • Daily vitamins/general health supplements: Ensuring you’re hitting your micro and macronutrient targets is key to workout nutrition. Daily vitamins provide key nutrients, and other general health supplements like natural sleep aids can help you get the rest you need for recovery.
  • Pre-workout supplements: Proper pre-workout nutrition is one of the most important keys to reaching your goals. Plus, it can help boost performance and endurance. Before rigorous summer exercise, choose a pre-workout supplement containing protein and caffeine, among other ingredients, for a maximum performance boost.
  • Protein Supplements: Without protein, achieving your fitness goals is more challenging – if not impossible. Protein supplements and protein powders can help you ensure your body receives enough of this vital nutrient, which helps build, strengthen and maintain muscle.
  How are you planning on staying fit this summer? If you want to skip the gym, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active outdoors this summer. Plus, these workouts can help break up the monotony of your training regime. Read More:  

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