Five Fun Ways To Stay Motivated During The Cooler Months

Five Fun Ways To Stay Motivated During The Cooler Months
Winter’s starting to set in and motivation to workout is slowing down as the sun rises later and sets earlier. Who doesn’t wish that daylight savings could last all year?! Getting out of bed is harder and harder and the thought of venturing into the cold, dark night (even though technically it’s morning) is just unbearable. But don’t worry, I’ve got you sorted with some ideas that will not only keep you warm, but keep you on track to achieving those health and fitness goals. 1: Hot yoga – Hot yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular styles of yoga with studios popping up everywhere! There are even varying levels of intensity with studios heated to around 27 degrees Celsius, and 35 degrees Celsius, or if you really want to up the ante, try Bikram yoga! Bikram classes run for 90 minutes with 26 poses completed twice with the vocal instruction of your teacher, and all done at 40 degrees Celsius. You will definitely walk out feeling much warmer than when you arrived! 2: Swimming – Swimming may not be the coolest exercise going around but the water is heated and it’s super budget-friendly with many community swimming pools costing only a few dollars per visit. It’s great for cardio fitness, because you need to move your entire body against the resistance of the water. 3: Get a training buddy – Nothing says ‘get out of bed and get to the gym’ better than a workout buddy texting you at 6am to make sure you’ll be at that 6.30am pump class you agreed to! Find something you and your friend both enjoy doing – maybe you could go for an early morning walk together and gossip about last night’s ep of GoT if you live nearby each other, or make it an evening walk and make a healthy dinner together when you get back home. Double motivation! 4: Set a goal to keep you on track – Last winter I signed up for a half-marathon and you bet I was up at 5.30am five days a week jogging around the neighbourhood to make sure I’d be set on the day. Setting out to achieve something that is important to you or to challenge yourself can be a great way to stay motivated. You can track your progress and then when it comes to running that marathon, swimming 10 laps in a row or being able to do 1 chin up, you’ll know all those cold and drizzly workouts were worth it! 5: Get a personal trainer – A good workout is guaranteed when you have someone right next to you guiding and encouraging you! Can’t afford a one-on-one session? No worries! There are loads of boot camp and group training sessions available at almost every local park. You still have the commitment to keep you accountable but on a budget. And if all those reasons weren’t encouraging enough, I’ve got a super satisfying post-workout smoothie that will have you pushing through your workout to get back home and sip on this! Post-workout smoothie: Ingredients: 1 small frozen banana ½ up mixed berries 1 cup almond milk 1 tsp peanut butter 1 scoop Nature’s Food Organic Protein Chocolate 1 tsp chia seeds Method: Place into a blender and blend until smooth Enjoy! Guest post for Supps R Us written by Melanie Lionello. Read More:  

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