Four awesome core exercises for women

Four awesome core exercises for women
You don’t need to hit the gym to sculpt the stomach of your dreams. The best core and ab exercises can be done no matter where you are. While a mat can make the experience more comfortable, all you really need to get through some core-building reps is the ground and some determination. To give yourself the best chance at obtaining that solid torso, use fat burners and weight loss supplements and protein powder supplements that can help keep the flab away. V Ups These are the first things everybody thinks of when it comes to the best ab exercises, and for good reason. Crunches get the job done, putting emphasis on your core and letting your bodyweight act as the resistance. There are heaps of variations on crunches, but one of the best is V Ups. Lay flat on your back on the ground your arms stretched out above your head. Then raise your feet and hands up into the air, trying to touch your toes while forming a V shape with your body.
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Planking It might look easy, but planking is one of the best core exercises for hardening up. The thing to remember when planking is that, like many exercises, you won’t fully benefit if you cheat. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line while planking. To get a full-torso workout, mix in some side planking. Instead of resting on both your forearms with your stomach parallel to the ground as you would for standard planking, rotate your body 90 degrees so you’re resting on one of your forearms with one of your sides parallel to the ground.
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Superwoman This won’t get you any closer to flying or improve your X-ray vision. But this exercise will definitely help you tone up your core. Lay flat on the floor on your stomach with your arms stretched straight above your head and palms facing down. Then lift your arms and legs off the ground while keeping them straight. Doing so will shore up your back and glutes. To switch it up a bit, alternate between lifting your left leg/right arm and right leg/left arm.
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Flutter Kicks Flutter kicks are another one of the best ab exercises you can do, as they target the lower portion of your stomach. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and palms on the floor. Stretch your legs out and point your toes forward. Lift your legs slightly off the floor and kick them up and down one at a time.
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Luckily for you, the best ab exercises are also the easiest to perform in terms of what you need. Your body weight is enough to get you the fit core you crave. To help you get there, add some Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy or Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey to your routine. Read More:

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