The best quad exercises for powerful legs

The best quad exercises for powerful legs
Your quads are an important source of power when it comes to working out. Building up the muscle in the upper region of your legs will help you perform powerful movements that can pile on the muscle mass. Here are some of the best quad exercises you can do to establish a strong platform for the rest of your body.

Leg Press

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This is one of the best ways to get giant quads. To really isolate the muscle, make sure to keep your feet lower on the sled. This is tougher but will serve you well in the long run. To work your outer quads, keep your feet closer together. Keeping your feet wider will work your inner thighs more.


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This is a great way to mix up your training routine and also provides some key cardio and endurance work. If you can, try sprinting on softer surfaces such as grass to put less wear and tear on your joints. There are heaps of different sprint workouts. No matter what distance or how many reps you choose, make sure to lift your legs high when you’re getting up to speed. For some extra work, run up hills or stairs.


Squats source:
This is a tremendous way to put your legs through the ringer, and there are heaps of variations that keep you from doing the same old thing every time you step onto the lifting platform. Perhaps the most useful variation is the barbell squat, in which you hold a barbell on your shoulders and squat down in a controlled motion. Just make sure to keep you butt back and have a spotter to avoid injury.

Step Ups

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Using your legs to power yourself upwards is one of the best ways you can develop huge quads. One way to do this is step ups. Hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of a bench. Put one foot up on the bench and power up through that leg until you’re standing with both feet on the bench. Then return one leg to the floor.

Box Jumps

Box Jumps
This is another example of powering up through your quads to reach new heights. Grab a box or some sort of platform and place it in front of you. Jump up with both legs and land on top of the surface. Then hop back down. Make sure to choose a surface at an achievable height and work up toward taller platforms as you improve. Your quads are one of your strongest sources of power. The best quad exercises help you form a solid base for the rest of your body and better allow you to pursue your fitness goals. To increase your chances of success, grab some creatine supplements such as Optimum Nutrition Creatine, which can help escalate your muscle growth when combined with tough exercise. Read More:

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