Three exercises to lose those unlovely love handles

Three exercises to lose those unlovely love handles
While we might know the best ab exercises for rock-hard abdominals and the best back exercises for ripped lats and traps, those unsightly love handles can often get overlooked. Whether you simply miss them on your workout, or you just can’t find the right exercises to target them, love handles need your attention – and they need it now. So, what is the best exercise for love handles? Ridding yourself of your love handles comes down to – you guessed it – diet and exercise. Supplements can help you on your way. If you want to burn fat as you work out, be sure to check out thermogenics, as well as fat burners and weight loss supplements. Products such as Scivation, XTEND BCAA and Dymatize - ISO 100 can offer awesome results when used alongside the right workout. Now, incorporate these easy exercises into your workout and get ready to lose those love handles.

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on your back with your hands (unclasped) behind your head and your knees bent. Engage your abs while lifting your upper back and shoulders off the ground. Now, move your right elbow towards your left knee so that they meet in the middle of your body. Next, switch your position so that you bring your left elbow to meet your right knee

Knee Drop

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Lie down with your abs engaged and back flat to the floor. Lift your legs into a table top position, with your calves parallel to the floor and knees aligned over your hips. Squeeze your legs together to engage your inner thigh muscles and lower abs. Drop your knees slowly to your right, keeping your abs tight and back flat to the floor. Exhale to bring your knees back to centre, and inhale to drop them to the other side.

Plank Up-Downs

Plank Up-Downs source:
Get into the plank position, keeping your arms directly beneath your shoulders, your bum tight and your abs engaged. Lower one arm down onto your forearm, and then follow it down with the other arm. Move back up to the plank position, one arm at a time. Keep your core tight throughout and avoid rocking your hips. Read More:

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