Three great chest exercises

Three great chest exercises
Want a bulging, rippling chest packed with muscle? It’s up to you to make it happen. Combining these three simple exercises with protein supplements such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Natural Whey and creatine supplements such as Optimum Nutrition Creatine will help fill out your chest with lean muscle mass.

Incline dumbbell bench press

This is one of many dumbbell exercises you can do to grow your chest muscles. It also provides an alternative to your standard bench press in case you’ve grown bored or can’t find a bar or bench in the gym. The incline works the upper part of your chest, giving a fuller, rounder pump to muscles in that area. For this exercise you need an adjustable chair and dumbbells. Adjust the back of the chair to 45 degrees. Sit and recline until your back is flat against the incline. Hold the dumbbells and stretch your arms straight up above your chest. Bend your elbows outwards, bringing your arms down to your sides to lower the dumbbells to chest level before pushing them back up

Dumbbell squeeze pushup

The squeezing pressure of this exercise puts extra emphasis on your chest, making them work even harder and building up more lean muscle. All you need for this exercise are dumbbells. Place them on the ground vertically side-by-side so they’re touching. Then go down to the ground and get in position like you’re going to do a pushup. However, instead of having your hands flat on the ground out wide, grab the dumbbell handles. Then start doing pushups. As you do them, constantly squeeze the dumbbells.

Cable Fly

This is a good option for those that have access to a universal machine. As opposed to the dumbbell squeeze pushup, the cable fly opens up your chest movements. Grab a cable in each hand and stand in between them with one foot slightly in front of the other to give you some stability. When your arms are lifted up to your sides, they should be slightly bent. Lean forward slightly at the hips and pull the handles toward each other in front of you. Then return your arms to their outstretched position, constantly remaining in control. As with most muscle groups, the best way to get well-rounded results is to switch up your workout routine. If you’re serious about beefing up your chest, try these exercises along with some great pre workout supplements and get ready to watch the growth. Read More:

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