Abdominals - Cable Crunch

Abdominals - Cable Crunch
The cable crunch is a great exercise for the core of your body, much like a weighted situp, but without the same pressure on your back. Main muscle targeted with Cable Crunch exercise


  • Isolated Exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Abdominals and Obliques
  • Helper muscles – Hip Flexors

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Grasping the rope attachment, kneel down with the rope on each side of your neck. Flex your hips a little and bring your rump up off your heels. Your body should be in a strong position, with your shoulders back and your chest open. With your hips stationary, bend at the waist as you flex your core to bring your body into a crouch. The motion should be smooth so the cable doesn’t jump or go slack. When your body is contracted, hold for a moment, then return to the starting position.

Why it’s good:

Because you have to control your motion through the whole exercise, you can keep your core active and contracted with each movement.

What to watch out for:

Don’t add too much weight to the stack, or else you’ll be forced to use your back in the motion.

Snapshot: Cable Crunch exercise

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