Abdominals - Russian Twist (AKA Landmine 180’s)

Abdominals - Russian Twist (AKA Landmine 180’s)
Unless you’re particularly fit (or lucky) odds are you wouldn’t mind shaving a bit of fat from your stomach and give those “love handles” the flick. While you can’t really target fat from specific areas, you can work those muscles to make the area a little less “jiggly”.


  • Isolated Exercise
  • Main muscle targeted – Abdominals and Obliques
  • Helper muscles – Hip Flexors

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Most gyms have a twist bar available, but you can use a regular bar with weights on one end if necessary. Load up the appropriate weight and while standing with your legs at shoulder width, have the weight rest on your hip pocket. You should grip the bar with one hand over the other. Then from this position, without moving your feet, twist your upper torso as you lift and move the bar to the opposite hip pocket.

Why it’s good:

Because you have to slow the weight as well as push it, you have to stay in control the whole time. This means it’s easy to know if your form is bad, because you’ll likely lose grip and drop the bar.

What to watch out for:

Twist from your upper body, and let it lead your arms. Your arms should be doing very little of the work.

Snapshot: Russian Twist Exercise

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